6-inch Steel Rim

6inch6 Inch Steel Rim
Uses include: Garden Wheelbarrows, Concrete Mixers, Ride-on Mowers

The Lemcol 6” range of pneumatic wheels offers a rim manufactured in Australia from quality raw materials.

The unique centres of the 6175 (rim width 1.75”) and 6250 (rim width 2.50”) range have been designed to provide extra strength and durability under heavy load.

The 6450 (rim width 4.50”) range is manufactured from 2.0mm thick material, used to satisfy the rigorous demand of a ride-on mower application.

In House manufacture provides the benefit of short lead times and the ability to offer colour matching to customer specifications.

All hubs are robot welded to ensure accuracy and consistent quality of weld, while the one-piece rims are welded together using a continuous seam welding technique.

Rims are surface treated prior to painting to provide excellent paint adhesion, while the baked enamel finish limits corrosion under adverse conditions.

A large range of ball, roller and precision bearings are offered to suit varying axle diameters.

The tyre types available are compatible to the rim width and working conditions. Tyres supplied in this range are 4-ply to provide greater durability.

Load Capacities up to 260kg

  • Selection includes divided and one piece rims
  • Hubs are robot welded for consistent quality
  • Continuous seam welding on one-piece rims
  • Rims are etched primed to provide excellent paint adhesion
  • Durable baked enamel finish
  • Large selection of bearing types and sizes available
  • 4-ply tyres for greater durability
  • Quality Australian made rims
  • 12 month warranty

12 Month Warranty
This range carries our standard 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, and is backed by a service and parts network Australia wide.

Download the detailed technical catalogue – PDF format

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