Gravity & Powered Conveyors – Modular

gravity-powered-conveyor1Gravity and Powered Conveyors -Modular

The Lemcol range of gravity conveyors will enable goods of various shapes, sizes and weights to be moved quickly, efficiently and safely from one operational stage to the next.

Now available, the next-generation series integrates gravity and powered components on the same platform to create a truly modular system.



Interlocking frame design means the system can be easily assembled or re-arranged as required. Load capacities of gravity conveyors increased by up to 50% due to a new frame design.

Standard roller conveyor frames and supports are supplied in a galva-bond finish. Roller Conveyor Frame (114 x 30 x 2.5 channel) available in both straight and curved sections, the side channel is made from 2.5mm thick material, folded into a ‘C’ section for strength.

The cross members are made of press formed galva-bond, bolted into position.

There are standard lengths for straight sections (1500mm and 3000mm) and curves (45 degree and 90 degree).

‘Oval’ axle holes to suit our standard Lemcol flexibility of roller pitch.

In-house manufacture allows the flexibility to provide non-standard lengths or widths upon request.

Download the detailed technical catalogue – 1
Download the detailed technical catalogue – 2
Download the detailed technical catalogue – 3

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