Self-Dumping Hoppers & Tote Trolleys

The Lemcol range of materials handling equipment has been designed and manufactured to provide high quality, low maintenance products suitable for factory and general use. They Reduce the physical effort involved in many manual handling operations and improve efficiency, as well as provide a safer working environment.

self-dumping-hopperLemcol Self-Dumping Hopper

Designed for use with a forklift, the heavy gauge welded steel construction is reinforced at stress points, providing long operating life in the most rugged conditions.

An important feature of the Lemcol Hopper is that the hopper will dump well over the edge of the container, allowing balanced loading without the need of manual raking.

Once emptied, the hopper will automatically roll back for locking into the upright loading position.

Suitable to handle wet (volume 0.6m 3 to lip) and dry (volume 0.75m 3 to top) bulk materials, the product is ideal for use in many waste generating areas of production and manufacturing.

tote-trolleyTote Trolley
Designed to move a wide variety of stacking bins and their contents with ease and manoeuvrability, the L15 Series is the ideal choice for the food processing industry. Users include bakeries, meat processing, seafood processing laundries, hospitals, general warehouse or factory use.

Full stainless steel and extremely robust construction allows the new L15 Series to operate under many varied conditions, particularly where hygiene is of critical importance.

The unique design removes the requirement of swivel castors, while still allowing the trolley to track straight ahead and turn on itself. This feature still allowing the trolley to track straight ahead and turn on itself. This feature reduces unnecessary cost and complexity.

As with all Lemcol trolleys, the L15 Series is manufactured at our Australian factory and has been tested to easily move loads in excess of 200kg.

A standard Lemcol wheel is used for ease of replacement. The models are offered with the choice of nylon or a polyurethane wheel for when operating conditions require a quieter, smooth, non-marking wheel.

The ideal solution for hygienically moving items with the stability and reduced physical effort regular systems can offer.

12 Month Warranty
This range carries our standard 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, and is backed by a service and parts network Australia wide.

Download the detailed technical catalogue – PDF format

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