Industrial Heavy

Industrial heavy-duty
Users include Major Industry, Manufacturers, Workshops and Factories

Designed to meet extremely high loads, this range will provide reliable service where shock or impact might damage less rugged castors.

Heavy steel sections are welded together to provide high strength and durability. This is complimented by a precision machined, deep grooved swivel race, ensuring a smooth action even under capacity loads. The ball race is also sealed to prevent foreign material entering, minimising the possibility of costly maintenance requirements.The fitment of a grease nipple is standard and when maintained correctly, provides a castor of long operational life.

Top plates are made to a widely adopted standard to comply with Australian Standard AS B282, maximising compatibility and ease of replacement or upgrading in the future.

High load capacities are achieved by offering a wheel selection to compliment the rugged frame construction. Black rubber, cast iron and polyurethane wheels are offered from 200mm to 250 mm diameters.

Cushion tyred and pneumatic wheels are recommended where surface conditions or equipment carried requires some degree of impact absorption.

Special purpose wheels can be engineered such as our 200mm soft polyurethane, used in the Automotive industry. Wheels in this range are fitted with sealed deep-groove precision bearings for a long maintenance free life and low rolling resistance.

Load Capacities up to 2,000kg

  • Fully welded heavy steel frames provide optimum strength and durability
  • Swivel castors have a precision machined deep grooved ball race
  • Top plates conform to AS B282
  • Grease nipples are fitted in the swivel race
  • Bearings are sealed to accommodate severe operating conditions
  • Large selection of wheels from 200mm to 250mm diameter
  • Australian made
  • 12 month warranty

12 Month Warranty
This range carries our standard 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, and is backed by a service and parts network Australia wide.
Download the detailed technical catalogue – PDF format

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