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Load capacitieskg

The wheels and castors in this catalogue are rated for intermittent use on average floor conditions encountered in most factories and warehouses. The ISO and European Castor Manufacturers (FEM) standards set out to duplicate these conditions of average use and are used by Lemcol as a guide when rating our products.

Bearing descriptionsbearing

Tapered Roller
These are the highest capacity bearings, used in Super wheels and castors. They
are fitted with seals to stop ingress of dirt and grit and only require occasional regreasing. They are fitted to axles that require fine pre-load adjustment.

Spherical Roller Bearings
Capacities equal to that of tapered roller bearings, used in high capacity Super castors and wheels. Fitted with seals to stop ingress of dirt and grit and only require occasional regreasing. Used in applications where there is no preload adjustment on the axle (ie. in axle retained by keeper plates).

Precision Ball
These sealed, deep groove ball bearings are “off the shelf”, high quality bearings they are sealed for life and require no maintenance -used in all polyurethane and cast iron wheels, as well as a number of pneumatic wheels.

Double Row Ball Bearings (ORB)
These robust, precision machined, Lemcol designed bearings are used mostly on older model industrial wheels. They are self contained and require regular lubrication.

Roller Bearings
This bearing consists of a caged needle roller running on a case hardened sleeve.

Unground bearings – usually well shielded but not fully sealed . These bearings are pre-greased and easily replaced. Ideal for medium capacity and low speeds.

A plain bearing, acetal polymer bush with oil impregnation. This bearing used in solid rubber wheels is quiet, self lubricating and offers good strength and wear resistance.

These bearings are the simplest of bearings, formed by the wheel material itself. Generally found in nylon and cast iron wheels, they offer excellent impact resistance. The nylon vesion is self lubricating, but cast iron is most efficient if regularly lubricated.

Lemcol castor frames are constructed in one of three ways. The construction technique influences factors such as lifetime, strength and cost. Use the following table to select the frame best suited to your needs.

Construction Durability Cost Capacity
Pressed -light gauge
Medium gauge
Part fabricated

(pressed swivel race with welded-on forks)

Fully fabricated
very high

Chemical resistance
Contact with a number of common chemical compounds can severely limit the lifetime of a castor. The following table indicates how each tyre material is affected by common chemicals. Detailed advice on chemical resistance is available upon inquiry.

  Polyurethane Nylon Rubber Cast Iron
Sulphuric Acid
Hydrochloric acid
Nitric acid
Acetic acid
Methyl alcohol
Sodium hydroxide
Carbon tetrachloride
Soap solutions
Skydrol 500
Lacquer solvents
good; little or no effect
satisfactory; minor to moderate effect
test sample before use; most likely satisfactory
test sample before use; most likely unsatisfactory
Unsatisfactory; severe effect to total destruction

Mounting options
This range carries our standard 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, and is backed by a service and parts network Australia wide.

4 Swivel Castors
Advantage: Maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces

Disadvantage: Difficult to control over long distances.

2 Swivel Castors
2 Fixed Castors

Advantage: good steering control.

Disadvantage: Lack of manoeuvrability in confined spaces

2 Swivel Castors
Wheeled Axle

Advantage: Good steering control

Disadvantage: Lack of manoeuvrability in confined spaces

Swivel Castors each end 2 Fixed Castors at centre
Advantage: Good steering control if evenly loaded.

Disadvantage: Unstable if unevenly loaded.

2 Swivel Castors in line 2 Wheeled axle at centre
Advantage: Easily turned in own length.

Disadvantage: Unstable with high load.

Lemcol Super and Industrial castor frames are offered in a distinctive metallic painted finish. The remaining series are offered a zinc coating. Zinc coated frames have proven themselves in the majority of usage situations.

Regular contact with water (and other agents) will cause your castor to corrode. If such contact is likely, we recommend you use the Full Stainless Steel frames offered in selected ranges.


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