Usually selected for its shock absorbency capabilities where floor surfaces may be rough or uneven. Rubber tyred wheels combine the features of good load capacities, low noise level and the ability to withstand rough conditions.

Their excellent resilient properties mean substantially reduce vibrations transmitted through the wheels. They are available in a number of varieties, each with their own unique benefits

Black Rubber

a) moulded onto a painted black cast iron centre with roller or ball bearings

b) solid rubber with plain acetal bearings (the most common and economical type)

c) rubber tyre assembled onto split discs (demountable) with roller or ball bearings

Hard Rubber (Lemcolite, sux L)

The increase in hardness provides higher capacities than standard black rubber and lower rolling resistance.

Grey Rubber

The same properties as black rubber but with the advantage of being non-marking and having higher resilience.

Blue Rubber

Non-marking and extreme high resilience that provides the best ride on rough surfaces. Under normal operating conditions, the effective temperature ranges for rubber is between -10°C and +60°C. Most wheels used in Super, Extra Heavy and Heavy Industrial castors are moulded onto a cast iron centre that has been machined to a unique pattern. This design increases the bonding surface and reduces the possibility of the rubber delaminating under side load.

Load Capacities up to 1000kg

  • Good load capacities
  • Low noise levels
  • Suitable for rough surface conditions with good shock absorbency
  • Grey and Blue rubber are non marking and more resilient
  • Normal operating temperature between -10° C and +60°C
  • Hard rubber for low rolling resistance and relatively high capacity
  • 12 month warranty

Cushion-tyred Wheels

The cushion tyres are either rolled onto a welded pressed metal centre or assembled onto a demountable rim for ease of tyre replacement.

Load Capacities up to 800kg

  • Suitable for rough surface conditions due to good shock absorbency
  • Low noise level
  • Good load capacities
  • Puncture proof
  • Diameters from 160mm to 400mm
  • Extended range of bearing diameters available upon request
  • Normal operating temperature between -30°C and +60°C
  • 12 month warranty

Download the detailed technical catalogue – PDF format

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